Parblo Ninos S

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  • Equipped with 8/5 customizable express keys, it can highly speed up your workflow
  • Smart battery-free passive pen of 8192 pressure sensitivity
  • Advanced USB type-c connection,
  • 5080 LPI resolution, 260 RPS
  • work areas is 6 X 4 inch and unique hook design,

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Parblo Ninos S

Product Description


Our story

How we got our start: When art and drawing are digitizing and globalizing, we want to offer quality and affordable drawing tablets while providing an excellent digital drawing experience for artists.

What makes our product unique: Established in 2015, Parblo is a professional manufacturer in digital painting. As a young and passionate team, we are committed to innovation and ergonomic design. Due to quality products and outstanding services, we have gained increasing popularity in many countries around the world.

Why we love what we do: In the name of master Pablo Picasso, Parblo insists on the principle of easy drawing but marvelous creation, adhering to deliver the beauty of your art and the value of your creativity. With Parblo, we believe everyone can be a great artist by unique creation.

drawing tablet

Parblo Ninos M Drawing Tablet also Support Online Teaching, E-learning, Remote Work, Web Conference

1. Parblo Ninos M is compatible with Microsoft Office programs like Word, PowerPoint, OneNote and more. It brings imitates real brush strokes for you, and present your handwritten notes and signatures precisely and truly, which offers you a more realistic writing experience.

2. Compatible with Windows 10/8/7/, mac OS 10.11 -10.15, Android 6.0 or above, support XSplit, Zoom, Twitch, Microsoft Teams, ezTalks Webinar, Idroo, Scribbiar, WizIQ, and more.

  • For students, you can still take important notes at any time,
  • Or if you use it for remote work, you can record minutes or jot down ideas and inspirations with ease during web conferencing, it will help your work more effectively, more productive, and slightly more fun.


drawing tablet

Parblo Ninos M Portable Graphic Drawing Tablet 9 x 5 Inches Designed for Digital Artworks, Graphic Design, Online Teaching, E-Learning, Remote Works

2.1 For Windows Users:

Please make sure there is no other brand driver on the computer and close all drawing programs or anti-virus programs before installation. (IMPORTANT) Please run as administrator when installing the driver. Find “PenTablet” for windows setting, “PenTabletSetting” for Mac setting

2.2 For Mac Mojave (10.14), Catalina (10.15) Users:

Our driver is compatible with Mac OS Mojave (10.14) and Catalina (10.15), please install the newest released driver on your computer. After the driver is installed, click the driver and the following the below instruction to setup. Please click “Open System Preferences”, Click “Click the lock to make changes” to unlock it—


  • For macOS Mojave, in “Accessibility”, “Tick “ParbloTabletSetting” and click “Click the lock to make changes” to lock it.
  • For macOS Catalina, in “Accessibility”, “Tick “ParbloTabletSetting” and click “Click the lock to make changes” to lock it. The Click “Input Monitoring”, add “ParbloTabletSetting” and Then, click “Click the lock to make changes” to lock it.


3 For Android 6.0 or later OS Users:

Before connecting the Parblo tablet to your Android phone or tablet, please make sure your Android phone or tablet supports OTG and Android 6.0 or later, and there is no need to install the driver to your Android phone or pads, just plug it in and enjoy it.


  • 3.1 Please make sure it works in a vertical screen mode when the tablet connected to your Android phone or tablet.
  • 3.2 Not all Android devices can support the Parblo Ninos tablet. The following Android Phones/Tablets that cannot work properly with our tablets:
  • Nexus 6/ Google; Galaxy S6/ Samsung; Galaxy S7 edge/ Samsung; Galaxy S7/ Samsung; Galaxy Tab S2/ Samsung; Galaxy S8/ Samsung; Galaxy Note 4/ Samsung; Galaxy Note 8/ Samsung; Galaxy Note 9/ Samsung



Product Technology – Wireless Passive Electromagnetic Technology
Work Area – 9 x 5 inches(M)、6 x 4 inches(S)
Product Size – 280.5×213.5×8.7mm(M)、197.5×156.5×8.7mm(S)
Resolution – 5080 LPI
Reading Speed – 260 RPS
Pressure Sensitivity – 8192 levels
Shortcut Keys – 8(M)、5(S)
Tilt function – ±60°(M)
Reading Height -10mm
Working Deviation – ±0.25mm
Power Supply Mode – USB 5V
Support Interface – Type-C
Pen Type – Wireless and battery-free pen
Pen Buttons – 2
Support System – Windows 7 and above,Android6.0 and above,Mac 10.11 and above


Parblo Ninos S Package Contents :

  • Parblo Ninos S Drawing Tablet x 1
  • Passive Pen x 1
  • USB Type-c Cable x 1
  • Replacement Nibs x 6
  • Removal Tool x 1
  • Quick Guide x 1
  • Warranty Card x 1
  • OTG Adapter x 2
For setup video :
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