Ugee U1600 15.4″

19,999 EGP

  • Ture-FHD Screen: Adobe RGB 94% + sRGB 127% + NTSC 90%
  • AG anti-glare Film & Health: fully fit the display screen and ultra-low visual error
  • 8192 Battery-Free Stylus ±60° Degree Tilt
  • Stylus PH12 battery-free stylus (with eraser)

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Ugee U1600

UGEE drawing monitor

Full Lamination + AG Anti-Glare + BOE Screen

-Adopt IPS hard screen from BOE, a global high-end screen manufacturer. Full lamination technology, no parallax when writing or drawing on the screen, as natural as writing or drawing on paper. 127% sRGB color gamut, with natural and vivid images. AG anti-glare film is pre-laminated at the factory for eye comfort.

Sensitive pen + 8192Levels + ±60° Tilt + Battery-Free + Eraser

-Standard battery-free, professional-grade drawing pen with pressure-sensitive eraser, 8192Levels pressure-sensitive and ±60° tilt, with the change of pen lightness and pen tilt, the eraser at the end of the pen, using different strength, erase different effects, restore the real eraser smear effect.

3-in-1 Cable +Full-Featured USB-C Interface

-Support full-function USB-C interface, a full-function dual-head USB-C cable can be activated, even without HDMI can be connected to computer and cell phone use, easy to get started.

Your Second Screen

-Large 11.9-inch screen with 1080P Full HD output, 178° wide angle, and 16.7 million colors in every frame. Catch up on dramas, watch movies, take online classes while chatting with friends and searching for information on the other screen in split screen mode.

Compatible with 5 Major Systems

-Support 5 major systems, Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Android, and Linux, so you can instantly connect to other people’s computers and mobile devices for use even when your own computer is not around.

pen display

1.BOE Screen

-New Generation BOE Screen with High Color Gamut.

2.127% sRGB

-Highly Realistic Reproduction of Every Detail of the Color Changes.

3.1920×1080 FHD

-Restore the Most Realistic.

4.IPS Full lamination

-Reduced Visual Bias for More Precise Strokes.

art tablet with pen

The Tablet with Pen with Unique pressure-sensitive eraser

The pen end eraser, equipped with patented pressure-sensitive technology, uses different strengths to erase different effects, restoring the real eraser smear effect.

Light erase: lightly erase on the drawing, can reduce the saturation, to line up the technique, but also to achieve the effect of shades of light.

Heavy erase: use a little strength to erase, can be easily erased at the wrong pen, clean without leaving marks.

Sumdge: between different color blocks, do light erasing treatment, can simulate the halo effect of color block blending in paper painting.

screen drawing tablet
drawing pad for computer pc


Q1:Is it compatible with Chromebooks?

A1:Yes, it is compatible with Chrome OS 88.0.4324.109 and newer versions

Q2:Is there the drawing glove, stylus, and 3-in-1 cable in the package?

A2:Yes, it includes the glove, stylus with 10 replacement tips, 3-in-1 cable, and an extension cable.

Q3:Can the drawing tablet with screen be used alone?

A3:No, you need to connect to a smartphone, laptop or PC, it is not a standalone device.

Q4:Can the brightness of the screen of the drawing Monitor be adjusted?

A4:You can adjust the screen brightness according to your usage habits. The graphic drawing screen comes pre-laminated with AG anti-glare film to reduce interference of reflections to protect your eyes.


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