Wacom STU-430 Signature pad

  • 4.5″ monochrome, reflective LCD display easily accommodates large signatures and soft buttons
  • Patented cordless, battery-free pen with 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity to accurately capture the unique pen pressure profile of a signature to be included in the biometric data
  • State-of-the-art RSA/AES encryption to perform secure transactions
  • Pen holder/USB cable lock combination provides a convenient area to place the pen, plus USB lock prevents accidental disconnection of USB cable

Wacom STU-430

Wacom Signature Pads

Wacom STU-430 Reliable simplicity

Wacom Signature Pads deliver outstanding reliability and signature clarity in attractive form factors that complement any counter, kiosk or desk.

Practical performance

Device reliability and handwriting clarity are essential whenever electronic signatures are required. Wacom Signature Pads deliver both because the pen sensor technology is embedded under the display, not on the signing surface. That means Wacom signature pads don’t suffer from screen wear or scratches, and ensure a comfortable user experience with ergonomic design.

Reliable accuracy

Wacom electronic pens are also maintenance free. No batteries are needed to power the pen and no wires are required to transmit signals, eliminating two common points of failure. Finally, Wacom signature pads capture a wealth of biometric data that enables accurate electronic signature verification – an important part of a multi-factor authentication policy whenever important documents need to be signed and validated.


Ideal for any signing environment, the  STU-430 signature pad is a versatile, full-featured, monochrome signature pad with a new thin design and a low-profile surface. The 4.5’’ LCD screen is large enough to capture longer signatures, as well as to accommodate soft buttons in addition to the signature area.

Moreover, the screen is easily readable in varying light conditions. State-of-the-art encryption and a unique hardware ID ensure a secure signing experience.

Key Features & Benefits
Efficient Accuracy
Cordless, battery-free pen with 1024 pressure sensitivity levels ensures biometrically accurate signature capture.
Secure Transactions
Transaction security with state-of-the-art AES/RSA encryption
Unique Identity
Unique hardware ID enables identification of the exact device used for signing
  • Wacom STU-430 4.5″ Signature Pad – Cordless and Battery-Free Pen – USB cable (9.84′) – Quick Start Guide – Pen Tether (Nylon Fiber/19.7″) – Wacom 3 Year Limited Warranty
  • Practical Electronic Signature Capture
  • Biometrically Accurate Electronic Signatures
  • Low Maintenance
  • Secure Transactions

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